rmw (Remove to Waste)

Code Testing

General Testing

Using ninja test and meson test --setup=fake_media_root will cover most of rmw’s operations. If there’s a test missing, please open a ticket.

Environmental Variables

RMW_FAKE_HOME (v0.8.0)
(replaces RMWTEST_HOME, introduced in v0.7.03)

Instead of using $HOME, rmw will use $RMW_FAKE_HOME. The configuration file and default waste directory will be written relative to $RMW_FAKE_HOME.


While set, using rmw to move any files that reside on the same file system as *$PWD/footest* will be moved to the waste directories under *$PWD/footest* and rmw will use the configuration file under *$PWD/footest*.

RMW_FAKE_YEAR (v0.7.07)
(replaces RMWTRASH=fake-year, introduced in v0.4.01)

If set to *true* when rmw'ing a file, the year 1999 will be written to the DeletionDate value in the .trashinfo file (for testing the purge feature).

RMW_FAKE_YEAR=true rmw FILE(s)

Then running rmw with the purge option will find the items expired and permanently delete them.


If set to **true** when rmw-ing a file, relative paths will be written to the Path key of a .trashinfo file. rmw is faked into believing that all waste directories are at the top level of a device or removable medium (see also: issue 299).


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